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Refugee housing program launches in Toronto

Happipad has announced the launch of Refugee Housing Canada, a home sharing program aimed to assist recently arrived refugees and asylum seekers find housing.

The program, which launched August 8, was announced in conjunction with The Northpine Foundation. The private philanthropic organization’s mission is to “help underinvested and underserved communities thrive and flourish.” Refugee Housing will launch in Toronto and, thanks to funding from The Northpine Foundation, will look to help house 1,000 refugees in the GTA.

What is Refugee Housing Canada?

Refugee Housing Canada, is a home-sharing program that fosters inclusivity and support within our communities. This program connects hosts with a spare room to refugees seeking safe and welcoming homes. Hosts will earn a monthly rental income while promoting positive integration and friendship.

Refugee Housing Canada will provide users with a safe, easy way to handle:

  • Background checks
  • Search for affordable housing
  • Search vetted renters
  • Chat and messaging features
  • Review rental applications
  • Generate Rental contracts

Additionally, the program will give hosts the ability to donate rental income back to the program and receive a tax receipt. 

Why Launch In Toronto?

The housing crisis for refugees has reached a critical point in Toronto. Mayor Olivia Chow asked Toronto residents to open their homes and available rental units to refugees and asylum seekers. 

As of July 29, 2023, there were more than 3,100 refugee claimants in the shelter system in Toronto. The Toronto system has approximately 9,000 beds within their shelter system, which is full most nights. In fact, people are often turned away due to the demand for beds for refugees. 

Refugee Housing and The Northpine Foundation are aiming to do what they can to help be part of this housing crisis. By using Refugee Housing, the over two million empty bedrooms in Toronto can be used to help others gain a fresh start. 

How Can You Help?

If you are in the Toronto area and you find yourself with the space to help those in need, go to Here, you can sign up to host refugees in need of help. You can also donate to help those looking for affordable housing. 

If you do not live in Toronto, you can share this news. Bring awareness to the housing crisis in Toronto. By doing so, you can introduce the idea to home sharing to someone who can host a refugee in need. 

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