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COVID-19 Update

Dear Happipad users,

Housing is a basic human need, and the health and safety of our Hosts and Guests has always been our highest priority. During this time, our website and rental portal will remain open for those who need to secure housing. However, we request all users to take extra precautions to control the risk and exposure to COVID-19.

In a time of anxiety and uncertainty, we all need to work together to slow down the spread of the virus. At this time, we recommend scheduling a virtual viewing instead of an in-person visit.  Here are a few options for video calls, more details are available in our Interview Guide.

–  Facetime (iPad or iPhone)
–  Whatsapp (Android or iPhone)
–   Skype (Computer, tablet, or phone)
–   Zoom (Computer, or phone)


Happipad builds bridges in the community, but we would like people to connect in a responsible way in wake of the COVID-19 situation. Parties should make rental decisions based on your personal comfort level given the current situation and use your own discretion. Happipad cannot be held liable for any coronavirus contraction in any living arrangements as we do not provide any health screening. 


Please remember that some members of the Happipad community belong to the high-risk group.  As a Guest, please respect that your Host may require you to practice social distancing and follow government-issued protocols.  A failure to do so is a breach of the contract if the Host feels that their health and safety are compromised.  The Host has the right to terminate the contract immediately under such circumstances. We encourage conversations between Hosts and Guests to discuss how you plan to limit your exposure and maintain good hygiene within the household. By working together we can help slow and limit the risks of this virus.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]

For the latest updates and information on COVID-19, visit the Health Canada page:

Stay safe and informed,
The Happipad Team