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Most Affordable Housing in Nova Scotia

As the cost of housing continues to increase across Canada, Nova Scotia is one of the few places where it is expected to move in the opposite direction. Though the cost of an average home is still up pre-Covid to now, prices dropped nearly 5% year-over-year. Where is it that you can still find affordable housing in Nova Scotia?

That is a great sign for those looking to buy a home in Nova Scotia, however, not all locations are priced equally. Though the price is trending downward across the province, there are still regions that are more affordable. 

Most Affordable Locations to Live in Nova Scotia

One of the biggest benefits to living in Nova Scotia is the nature. Luckily, no matter where you live in Nova Scotia, you will have plenty of access to trails, beaches, coastline and so much more. That means that you will not need to compromise the province’s natural perks based on where you live. 

Where exactly are the most affordable places to live in Nova Scotia? Here are the top 10, according to Savvy New Canadians:

  1. New Glasgow
  2. Amherst
  3. Sydney
  4. Bridgewater
  5. Yarmouth
  6. Windsor
  7. Truro
  8. Lower Sackville
  9. Lunenburg
  10. Trenton

Most Affordable Housing In HRM

Halifax is biggest city in Nova Scotia and offers plenty of unique amenities (Photo via Hayley Parker)

When you are looking for a home in Nova Scotia, many will immediately think of Halifax. As the provincial capital, Halifax boasts a wide array of options for entertainment, employment opportunities and lifestyle options. 

Being the biggest city in Nova Scotia, Halifax itself can be expensive to purchase a home, especially in the downtown area. However, in the greater Halifax Regional Municipality, there are plenty of options with more affordable housing.

Here are some of the more affordable areas for housing in the HRM per Moneysense:

  • Lower Sackville
  • Eastern Passage
  • Eastern Shore Musquodoboit Valley
  • Woodlawn
  • Cole Harbour
  • East Dartmouth The Lakes

Alternate Forms of Affordable Housing In Nova Scotia

All of these places to live are based on purchasing a house by yourself. There are plenty of other options for those looking to find affordable housing. One of the fastest rising options for many is shared housing.

From 2001 to 2021, the number of adults living with others that are not immediate family grew 54% per Statistics Canada. This is the largest growing segment of housing in Canada, by a wide margin.

“Young adults live with roommates for financial support, because of a lack of affordable alternative housing options, by choice, for companionship and emotional support, or for other reasons” StatsCan says.

Given that Halifax is home to eight post secondary schools, there are plenty of options for finding roommates in the HRM.

Happipad, in particular, is a great solution for finding the best roommate for you. Using Happipad, you can find the best living situation for you. Not only can you find local hosts looking to rent rooms, but you can match with them using shared interests and lifestyles. Happipad focuses on ensuring a renter and host are matched well from the beginning, but also offers support beyond the beginning stages, if it is needed.

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