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Screened and verified.

Industry leading background checks and identity verification ensure a safe, secure rental experience for both you and your renter.

Set your own pricing.

You determine your room’s value, with our help and knowledge of the market you’ll be priced fairly, competitively and beneficially to your needs.

Your house, your rules.

Our platform offers a suite of tools to take guessing out of the question – including contract creation, rental applications, automatic rent transfer and much more!

Maintain your freedom.

Host on your own schedule. Set your rooms availability with your very own booking calendar. Want to take the summer off? Not a problem!

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I have a Room in Kamloops, BC that I would like to rent for $1000/mo*. I prefer housemates who are Active and Vegan. Show me matches ->

*Happipad’s service fees are low! The renter would pay 8%.
See what’s included in our service fees.

What's included free for all our hosts:

Unlimited room listing.

List as many rooms as you have available. Connect with renters in the area through our interactive messaging platform.

Compatibility matching.

Learn about your potential renter through their profile assessment. Sort by preference such as students or mature renters.

Easy to manage applications

Receive applications directly in your account from unique and diverse renters. One click to accept, decline, or schedule an interview.

Guest screening reports.

We want you to feel safe in your home. Review a renter’s profile and screening report prior to inviting them to your home.
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Hear it from a host:

Happipad Team is tremendously fast, accurate and helpful responding to inquiries! Website is so easy to use. Terrific concept and created well.
– Linda Weninger, Host
I’ve been a host with Happipad for a couple years now and have nothing but great things to say! I started with Happipad because I wanted to reach out to help students find a place, they can feel comfortable in and call home. Our current student is truly a part of our family.
– Paulette Facca, Host since 2019
The whole idea of Happipad is a win both for the guest and the host. The selection methods, the security and safety, and your management of the program. I have learned how important building an operating agreement with my renter is.
– Linda, Host
I was a bit hesitant when I first signed up, sharing your home with the unknown was scary . Happipad helped me through it. As it turned out we were both pretty pleased with our roomy and happipad!
– Dorothy Koebel, Host

A community of support.

We’re here to support you throughout the entire hosting process by giving you proactive tips and suggestions to maintain a harmonious home environment. If you have questions you can contact us anytime.

How To Videos

Wanting a step-by-step walkthrough of the process to sign up? View our selection of short tutorial videos here:

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