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Housing for Social Good.

Rent your extra space to a verified housing companion.

Happipad Home, housing for social good by connecting people.

Transforming the way we rent and share in Canada.

We got your back, every step of the way.

Happipad Grandma Housing Companion Host

Full support.

Our customer support team is here to help you every step of the way - from creating your profile, to resolving conflicts, and ending your rental term.

Compatibility matching.

In-depth personal profiles with information on living habits, hobbies and more ensure hosts and guests are good pairings.

Flexible rental terms.

Flexible rentals terms to suit your lifestyle, rent for a month or a couple years with fixed-term rental contracts.

Rental contracts.

Automatically generated legal rental contracts to establish terms, conditions and house rules.

Automated payments.

No more hunting down rent payment, Hosts get paid automatically each month!

Background checks.

All users are vetted and background checked to ensure safety and security for all parties.

The whole idea of Happipad is a win both for the guest and the host. The selection methods, the security and safety, and your management of the program. I have learned how important building an operating agreement with my renter is.

Linda, Host

Happipad has been above my expectations with the simplicity and reliability of the process and results. My hosts are concerned about my actual needs and expectations in regards to my housing and study experience.

Alex, Renter

Previously I had tried to rent out my room privately and it did not work out. I value the convenience of Happipad and the connecting with roommates that are compatible. Great program.

Sandra, Host

Businesses trust us.

Find secure, safe housing every time.

All of our hosts and renters complete a thorough background check and identity verification so that you can be sure that you’re in a safe, secure environment.
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