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Happipad story

Happipad is a social enterprise founded in 2017 by a student-professor team from the University of British Columbia. Our mission is to address housing affordability and social isolation by bringing compatible people together to share homes through companion housing. Happipad operates Canada’s largest companion housing program and is a leader in developing innovations to support and expand companion housing opportunities.

National network

Join the national network of organizations who believe in the power of companion housing. Participate as an educational partner, program partner, or sponsor.

Am I eligible?

Happipad partners with community, family, and senior serving organizations, societies, educational institutions, and housing providers.

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What is Companion Housing?

Companion housing is a living arrangement in which two unrelated people live together in a home, sharing a kitchen and/or bathroom facilities with the mutual expectation of establishing a social connection. The most common arrangement is a homeowner or tenant who rents a spare bedroom to a renter for a period of a few months to several years. Housing companions are unique from roommates as there is a greater emphasis on compatibility to create a family type dynamic within the home. Housing companions often share meals, shop together, and support one another through activities of daily living.


We want make companion housing accessible for all Canadians. To do this we are seeking to partner with community-serving organizations to join the national companion housing network. This will allow all Canadians to access educational resources and support from locally operated companion housing programs.

Target populations

Our companion housing program is intended to serve primarily vulnerable populations, including seniors, young adults, and recent immigrants. However, companion housing can be used to serve any individual who could benefit from the economic and social benefits.

How to partner

Happipad is seeking to collaborate with organizations who are passionate about and actively seeking affordable housing solutions for their members, including seniors, young adults, and recent immigrants. Schedule a discovery meeting to learn about partnership opportunities.

Partner Types

Education partner

If you want to promote companion housing but do not have the capacity to operate a program, an education partnership may be for you. Happipad will provide resources and training to your organization, including special access to our Companion Housing Education Course.

Key roles include the dissemination of information to the public about companion housing, hosting workshops and presentations, and directing clients towards resources and services.

Program partner

Bring companion housing to your community or integrate companion living into your existing housing portfolio using the Happipad framework.

Leverage Happipad’s technology platform to connect your program to the national companion housing network. Partners are provided with a turn-key solution including training, support, technology platform, and resources to implement a successful and sustainable program.

Our goal is to help you create a self-sustaining housing program to make significant impact without continual reliance on grants.


Opportunities are available to support companion housing programs on a local or national scale with financial or in-kind support.

Education sponsor: support local or national education programs, workshops, public resources, and our Companion Housing Education Course.

Program sponsor: support start-up costs and operations for non-profit organizations to operate companion housing programs.

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