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Home Share Support

We believe in helping everyone establish a safe, respectful, and harmonious home environment. When you share a home with others there may be some form of disagreement or conflict at some point during your living arrangement. We will make our best efforts to help you maintain an enjoyable home environment and resolve any conflicts related to your shared living arrangement.

Regular check-in

Happipad will send the Host and Renter frequent check-ins by email. Host or Renter can also submit regular check-in forms. This is an opportunity to tell us how if you are satisfied with your living arrangement and if you are experiencing any problems. Your feedback is confidential and is only available to authorized Happipad staff. If you report some problems or have a 3/5 or lower satisfaction, we will follow up to see how we can help make the living arrangement better.

Move-in checklist

Move-in checklist and move-in form must be completed by Hosts and Renter at the start of a new living arrangement. This is an important part of the move-in process where you report the condition of the home and your room at the start of a new rental term. Failure to do so will result in any damage claims being denied. In addition, this is the time to review household rules and expectations of how the home will be shared. Note that your house rules may need to be adjusted in time.

Move-out checklist

Host feedback, Renters feedback and move-out inspection forms must be completed by Hosts and Renter on the last day of the living arrangement. Failure to do so will result in damage claims being denied. This involves a physical walkthrough of the home and taking notes and photos of any damages caused by the Guest. This must be submitted to Happipad on the last day of the Living Arrangement or when the Guest vacates the property.

Damage claims process:

Hosts can submit damage claims after completing a move-out inspection. This must be submitted using the Happipad Damage Claim form.

How the damage claim process works:

  1. Host submits damage claim form along with photo evidence, written description of damages, and receipts or quotes to prove the value of the damages.
  2. The damage claim is sent to the renter for review, the renter can accept the claim as-is and agree to pay the requested amount, or the renter can file for a review from the Happipad Support Centre.

Note: If move-in and move-out inspections were not completed and sent to Happipad, Happipad will not review the case..

  • the Host and Renter will be given 48 hours to negotiate the damages.
  • If the Renter agrees to pay the damages, Happipad will release monies from the security deposit to the Host. If the claim exceeds the deposit, the Renter will be liable to pay for the difference.
  • If the Renter does not agree with the damages, they will have 7 clear days to submit evidence to the Happipad Support Centre to prove they did not cause the damages.
  • After the earliest evidence is received by the Host and Renter, or after 7 clear days, Happipad will review the evidence and make a decision based on the evidence.
  • Happipad will email both parties with a decision within 5 days of reviewing the evidence.
  • If the parties do not agree with the outcome of the decision they may elect for a formal mediation. The Host and Renter will be liable for all mediation costs.

Damage claims must be submitted to the Happipad Support Centre.

Conflict support:

Conflicts between Hosts and Guests occur from time to time. These conflicts usually occur when house rules and expectations are not clearly communicated. Regardless of the cause, Happipad is here to help you find a solution and work through the problem.

How our conflict support works:

  1. Host or Renter submits a private request to Happipad Customer Care by email to [email protected] or text message to +1 888-882-5530. The Host or Renter must also submit the request using the Request Conflict Support form.
  2. Happipad Support will contact the person who submitted the request to learn more about the situation.
  3. Happipad will provide advice on how to attempt to resolve the issue.
  4. If the issue cannot be resolved with the suggested action items, a member from the Happipad Support Centre will privately contact the Host and Renter to discuss the issue and create a plan to work towards a solution.
  5. If a solution cannot be found after two weeks, the parties will be given the option to mutually end their living arrangement without penalty.
  6. If requested by the parties, the case will be forwarded to a professional 3rd party mediator for consideration. The mediation fee will be equally paid by both parties.

To learn more about our mediation process, click here to learn more.

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Last updated: February 1, 2024