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Okotoks Partners with Happipad

The Town of Okotoks is redefining how it connects to the community by supporting an alternative housing choice. This is a significant way to help make Okotoks a more vibrant, inclusive, and unique place to call home.

Why Partner with Happipad?

In alignment with the Town’s Municipal Development Plan and Council’s strategic priority to provide more diverse housing options, Okotoks and Happipad, have partnered to create a secure, affordable and convenient option. This partnership provides a safe way for Okotoks homeowners with a spare room to rent to a well-matched renter.

“It’s a win-win”

“We are pleased to be able to work with Happipad to provide our community this unique opportunity to make a positive impact by contributing to the housing supply. Happipad offers another option for those looking to rent and allows home owners to share extra space; it’s a win-win,” said Okotoks Mayor Tanya Thorn.

Plaza event in the Town of Okotoks

Happipad is a web-based platform that connects two or more compatible people to share a home. It is a rental matching program where a homeowner with an extra room can connect with a well-suited renter. The program is focused on companionship and compatibility matching, as well as affordability for renters and homeowners.

What are the benefits of using Happipad?

Through in-depth personal profiles, Happipad matches like-minded hosts and renters into a mutually beneficial longer-term living arrangement. The host gains a compatible renter and some extra income while the renter has access to affordable, comfortable housing.
The Happipad platform exists to help people share homes and connect homeowners with vetted
renters. Home-owners host on their terms with flexible rental options and set their own house rules. They also have the opportunity to meet renters who want to be part of the community.
Finally, Happipad also provides users with a reliable way to handle details such as rent payments, security deposits, legal documentation and background checks. Happipad also handles conflict resolution and any other customer support that may be needed.

To learn more about Happipad and how you can be part of this program, visit

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