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Happipad Housing

Re-imagine affordable housing with Happipad Co-living homes.

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Our Philosophy.

At Happipad, we are re-imagining what affordable housing is. We believe that a home is more than just a shelter – it’s a sanctuary where one should feel happy, safe, and be able to plant roots and stay for a long while or just a few months, depending what life brings your way.

Our mission is to help build community while combatting affordability, creating comfortable spaces where you can feel like you belong. We do this by creating intentional shared homes that strike the perfect harmony of affordability, comfort, and privacy. We believe in fostering human connection among like-minded people, allowing you to build life-long friendships. Sharing a home not only helps save money and the environment, it allows for sharing meals, carpooling, sharing stories, movies, and even our ultra-high speed internet!

Welcome to a place where real connections and a happier, more sustainable life await you.

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Happipad co-living homes are part of the rapid response to Canada’s housing crisis. The following locations have been earmarked for our first homes. Fill out the interest form if you would like to have a Happipad co-living home in your community.

British Columbia

  • Vernon
  • Penticton
  • Kelowna
  • Castlegar
  • Nelson
  • Revelstoke
  • Cowichan Valley
  • Nanaimo
  • Princeton


  • Drumheller


  • Ottawa
  • Perth County
  • Grey County
  • Sarnia

Nova Scotia

  • Halifax
  • Lunenburg
  • Bridgewater


Our Approach.

Rapidly build adaptable, modular co-living homes with up to 15 bedrooms.

Private Spaces

Escape to your private sanctuary to relax and rest.

Shared Space

Socialize, share meals and ideas, play games in shared spaces.


Choose your style.

As a unique touch, each home features a shared electric car. Embrace the affordability of a micro-apartment while relishing in enhanced amenities and a thriving community atmosphere.

Three bedroom designs to choose from:

Small bedroom

Large bedroom with couch

Large bedroom with table and larger wardrobe


Choose your style.

Each room comes with your own private bathroom, individual climate control, refrigerator, desk, and ample storage. Plus, you get access to all the amazing shared spaces.

Three bedroom designs to choose from:

Large bedroom - A

Large bedroom with queen bed, apartment fridge, microwave, large wardrobe and table. From $1300 per month*

Large bedroom - B

Large bedroom with queen bed, apartment fridge, microwave, medium wardrobe and sofa. From $1300 per month*

Small bedroom - A

Small bedroom with twin bed, mini fridge. From $950 per month*
*Prices subject to change based on location and final construction cost.

Re-imagine affordability.

Share what you don’t need to own to save money. Cars, bicycles, appliances, utilities, cleaning supplies, and more!

Happipad Coliving Car Share
*Proposed car share for each building


Welcome home! Every home has a live-in resident manager to schedule social events, make introductions, and ensure the home is kept clean, quiet, and an enjoyable place to live.


Home Features.


Spacious European designed bathrooms to give you privacy and comfort. Natural wood tones and stone finishes.


Spacious shared kitchen to satisfy the most serious of chefs or the simple cook with commercial grade appliances. Enjoy having space to entertain, socialize with friends, and cook to your hearts content.

Full 360 View


Need storage? We have it! Each bedroom has over 3.3 cubic meters of under-bed storage you can easily store your skis, winter clothing and more! Thats the same storage space as the inside of 1.5 Tesla Model Y’s!

Common Spaces

Enjoy the library, study room, movie room, or socialize with friends in the kitchen. Ample space to invite friends over, or escape from the noise and curl up under a window with your favourite book.


Move-in ready.

  • Beds
  • Sofa – in large bedrooms
  • Table and chairs
  • Wardrobe
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Desks
  • TV
  • Storage
  • Tankless unlimited hot water
  • Smart home features
  • Individual climate control
  • Ultra High-speed internet

Why happipad housing.

For renters
For business owners
For investors

Do you want first access to live in a new Happipad home? Join the waiting list to secure your spot. We will be building housing starting in 2024 based on locations that have the most renter interest.

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  • Comfortable and modern
  • Affordable rent
  • High-quality furnishings
  • Flexible rental terms
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Access to car share and bike share program

Do you need affordable workforce housing?

Become a program partner to get guaranteed affordable housing for your employees.

  • Exclusive first-access to new rental housing.
  • We will building housing where you need it.
  • Investment opportunities to become project shareholder.

For accredited investors. Unique opportunity to join us in creating the next generation of housing solutions across Canada.

  • Rising Demand for Shared Housing
  • Steady Rental Income
  • Technology-Driven Matching Process
  • Community-Centric Approach
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • Innovation in Housing Solutions


Where will Happipad homes be built?

Happipad is currently planning building sites in Central British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. More sites will be added based on interest and requests we receive. If you want to see a home built in your community, fill out an interest form.

When will homes be available?

Our first homes will start construction in Q1 2024.

What is the targeted price of rent for the buildings?

Rent prices are intended to be affordable for workforce. We have a price target similar to studio apartments with a goal to be 20% less than market rent. Renters will also save money by sharing resources such as utilities, internet, carpooling and car share options.

What is a co-living building?

A co-living building is a large home that contains private bedroom units with shared communal spaces such as kitchens and living rooms. This design allows for lower building and operational costs, allowing renters to save money, while also creating fun home atmospheres that connect like-minded people.

Happipad is a Canadian social enterprise dedicated to addressing Canada’s affordable housing crisis. Happipad connects hosts with compatible renters for home sharing. It offers a safe, reliable and intuitive platform for hosts to rent out their spare rooms and for renters to find affordable housing solutions.

Who manufactures the housing modules?

Happipad works with CSA-certified and vetted modular construction companies across Canada to construct the modules to our design specifications. This allows us to deliver modules to most regions of Canada. Homes are built to a high energy efficiency for low utility costs and environmental impact. Homes are built for long life using light gauge steel framing when possible, double walls for sound isolation, and durable low-maintenance finishings.

What is the estimated monthly rent for these units?

Monthly rent will vary by community (land cost). Rent will include utilities and basic furnishings. Estimated monthly rent for small bedroom units is estimated to start at $950 and $1300 for large bedrooms.

How are the homes managed?

Happipad manages all co-living homes, collects rent, and deals with any renter conflicts.

Each home also has one resident assigned as the live-in household manager to ensure cleanliness and order in the home and to hold regular social events to maintain a happy home environment.

What is it like living in a co-living home?

Each home is designed for the optimal blend between giving each person their own private space and adequate shared spaces. Renters will experience greater space and amenities compared to a studio apartment while saving on rent. Each home has a live-in household manager to schedule regular social events, game nights, and group dinners; all while ensuring the home is kept clean and in order. Some may say it’s like living in a big family home where your friends always get to stay over.

Get in touch.

If you have questions you can contact us anytime.