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How to Create Listing

Ready to list your room? Before starting, we recommend you review our guide to List Your Room.

Every bedroom you want to rent with Happipad requires its own unique listing. To start, login to your Happipad account and select the ‘Create Listing’ button in the top right.

When creating a room listing, you can always save your progress and come back later to complete your room listing.

Page 1: Room availability & rent

This page defines what dates your rooms are available to renters as well as the price of their rent.

Availability: Use the calendar’s “Block out dates” arrow buttons to select the period each room is NOT available. Each room’s calendar has up to two years of availability in Happipad platform. Happipad’s minimum of length of stay is 1 month with a suggested maximum term of 12 months (you can always renew the agreement).

TIP: When a Guest applies to your room the application includes their requested length of stay.

Page 2: Room details

This page is all about setting the atmosphere for your household and price of your room. Make sure to be both honest and descriptive.

Listing Title: Each room you list requires its own unique title. EXAMPLE: Mount Royal Home – Room A

Home Details: Your home description sets the atmosphere for potential renter. Aim to keep details concise as finer items can be discussed during the Guest Interview. EXAMPLE: important house rules, pricing options, nearby amenities

Location: Happipad uses Google Maps to manage the location of all homes. Start typing your street address into the box then select it from the drop down list when it appears.

TIP: You must select an address shown on the list or your home will not be made visible.

Home Questions: Use the buttons in the next few sections to select the features and details that best describe your home.

Monthly rent: As a Hosts you have the freedom to set your own rent. Hosts with lower prices typically receive more applications and are more likely to find an ideal renter for their home. When pricing, include basic utilities, furnishings, and shared items provided in the home.


  • Happipad’s service fee will automatically be deducted from all rent at the time it is transferred. Check out our rent calculator!
  • You may charge extra for meals, double occupancy, or less for extra help around the house.

Page 3: House rules

Select all the rules that apply to your home and building. These rules are automatically entered in your rental contracts. You will have an opportunity to review all house rules in detail when you interview prospective renters and complete your move-in checklist.

TIP: If you have any additional rules you can enter them into the ‘Other rules’ box at the bottom of the page.

Page 4: Host interested in

Happipad encourages sharing and connection within the household. If you would like extra help around the house, or to share meals, specify the details here. These items are not part of your contract, however, they are important for renters to better understand your expectations.

TIP: Discuss these details in more depth when you interview prospective renters.

Page 5: Room pictures

Photos are particularly important to accurately showcase your home. You need at least 5 photos of your home including the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and a dining room. We also recommend photos of any special features of your home or building, such as a nice yard, gym, pool, fancy coffee machine, gardens, or garage/workshop.

Accepted picture formats are .jpg, .png, and .gif.

TIP: Before uploading pictures make sure your photos are saved on your computer or smartphone.

Once uploaded, photos will appear below the upload box (this may take a minute). Rotate and rearrange using the 3 icons on each photo.

TIP: The photo on the far left is your cover photo, put your best photo here.

  1. Rearrange: Click, hold, and drag to re-order photos as desired.
  2. Settings: Select to rotate or crop photos.
  3. Delete: Remove undesired photos.

Congratulations! Your room listing is now created.