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List your room

Listing your room on Happipad is an exciting opportunity to open your doors to a whole new world of home-sharing experiences. As a host, you play a vital role in creating a warm and welcoming space for renters, while also contributing to building stronger communities.

We’re here to guide you through the process, ensuring that your journey with Happipad is smooth and rewarding.

Prepare the Bedroom

The bedroom is the renter’s private space and it should feel like that. Make sure you have removed all your own personal items from the room as well as anything else you might have been storing there. This includes any closet space. Also, make sure the room has been recently vacuumed and dusted.

We suggest providing at least a bed, a dresser (or closet space), a night table, and optionally a desk for studying. Make sure the bed has a good mattress and if you really want to impress the renter make sure it is fully made with sheets and pillows.

Sharing Amenities 

If you would like to qualify as home-sharing and not, “renting” the renter will need to share a kitchen or bathroom with you. If they don’t currently have access to shared amenities you’ll need to do some renovations before sharing your home with a renter.

Also, clear some space in the kitchen to designate for the renter’s food items. This will include cupboard space, freezer, and fridge space. Consider if the renter may be bringing other items that need storage. Common examples include a vehicle such as a car or bicycle, towels or toiletries, or coats and shoes. It’s not necessary but recommended that there is a lock on the renter’s door.

Finally, the house will need basic safety features but the more the better. You will need at least one fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, and Carbon Monoxide detectors. Home security systems are not required but are always recommended.

Write a Stimulating Description

Now, it is time to list your room. Craft a welcoming and informative description of your home and listed room. Highlight nearby attractions, transportation options, and the benefits of living in your area.

Outline House Rules

Clearly state your house rules in the listing to set expectations for potential renters. This helps to ensure a harmonious living experience for both parties.

Be Accurate and Detailed

Provide detailed and accurate information about your room. Include essential details such as the room size, amenities, house rules, and any unique features that make your space stand out.

Set Reasonable Rent and Availability

Research the rental rates in your area and set a competitive price. Be transparent about the availability of your room and specify any minimum stay requirements.

High-Quality Photos

Take clear and well-lit photos of the room and common areas. It is best to take photos during the day when there is lots of natural light. Open all of your window blinds to let in as much natural light as possible, avoid artificial lighting if possible. The more light the better.

Showcase the best features of your home to attract potential renters. Ensure the images are appealing and represent the actual space accurately. You must include at least 5 quality photos when creating a listing including the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and an exterior photo.

Multiple Room Listing

You can list multiple rooms at one location by creating a separate listing for each space you have available. Each room will have it own number, listing page, and availability calendar.

Each room will have its own calendar and listing page that should accurately reflect the number of beds and amenities, as well as what space will be shared with others.Be Responsive: Promptly respond to inquiries and messages from potential renters. Being accessible and attentive will help build trust and increase the chances of finding the right match.

Use Happipad’s Tools

Take advantage of Happipad’s features, such as the messaging system and contract creation tools, to streamline the process and ensure a smooth rental experience.

Highlight Your Community

If your neighborhood has unique attractions or events, mention them in your listing. Emphasize the benefits of living in your community to attract renters who share similar interests.

Update Your Listing Regularly

Keep your listing up to date with accurate availability and any changes in house rules or amenities. This helps potential renters make informed decisions.

Provide Testimonials

If you have hosted renters before, ask them for a testimonial. Positive reviews from previous renters can enhance your listing’s credibility.

By following these tips, you can create an attractive and informative listing on Happipad, increasing your chances of finding compatible and respectful renters for your home. Happy hosting!