North Okanagan Cultural Homestay Program

Newcomers are coming to Canada every day.

Why not provide much needed housing in the North Okanagan and benefit from a cultural exchange?

We have partnered with the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program
to provide full-scale support and onboarding for your homestay.

A cultural experience with Happipad.

We have many families, couples, and singles coming to the country for the first time!

They are looking for a smooth and enjoyable transition into Canadian culture, and you could be a cornerstone in that process by opening extra space in your home and showing them the best of your community.

You’ll also be able to learn about their culture while they experience yours!

What is shared housing?

Shared housing with Happipad is when you (the homeowner) rent space in your home as affordable accommodation for those that need it. In this case, newcomers who are looking for rental terms of 3-6 months.

These newcomers are coming to work and begin building a life in a new country, which means they are fully independent.

It is their responsibility to look after themselves in the home which includes cooking and cleaning up for themselves.

You will be helping ease their transition to life in Canada!

What we provide:

* Rental support & conflict resolution

* Lawyer drafted rental contracts

* Automatic rent payments

* Compatibility matching

* Background screening

Hosts provide:

  • Furnished bedroom
  • Access to kitchen and laundry
  • Friendly and inclusive home environment

Hosts don’t provide:

  • Food or cooking
  • Cleaning of the renter’s space
  • Transportation

How it works:

Happipad is about matching two compatible people – a host and a newcomer(s) – into a mutually beneficial living arrangement. The host gains a happy face around the house, and some extra cash. The newcomers are given affordable, comfortable housing with a like-minded house companion.

Join our Cultural Homestay Program in just a few steps;

  1. Complete the signup form
  2. Register as a host on our platform
  3. Create a room listing
  4. Happipad and RNIP follow up to begin matching you with newcomers!

Join us today!

Join our community of hosts who love the peace of mind that Happipad provides!

If you’re new to Canada through RNIP, sign up for our Cultural Homestay Program below!

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