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How to Sign a Contract

Contact the Host

After browsing through our listings and finding a host and accommodation that suits your needs, reach out to the host through the platform’s messaging system. Discuss your requirements, ask any questions you may have.

Receive a contract

If a match is made, the host will generate and send you a contract to sign through our platform. You will receive an email and notification on your account of the newly available contract.

Sign a contract

To sign the contract. Follow these easy steps:

  • Login to your Happipad account by visiting:
  • Navigate to the “Applications” tab.
  • Locate your application and click on “Review Contract”
  • Take a moment to double-check the dates and the price mentioned.
  • Click on “Review Contract” again to access the legal agreement.
  • Carefully review the contract’s contents.
  • At the bottom of the document, use your cursor to sign electronically.

Deposit and Payments

Congrats! Now that the contract is signed, check your email for payment instructions. In order to secure your contract, you will receive an invoice of the Security Deposit (half a month rent) and first month rent. You can pay this via Interac e-Transfer, or Credit Card online.