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College of the Rockies Partners with Happipad to Solve the Housing Dilemma

One of the stressors College of the Rockies hears about from their potential and current students is the challenge of finding housing in the College community they will be studying in. Though the College more than doubled its on-campus housing at the Cranbrook campus, it fills quickly and it doesn’t help the students in their other campus communities.

“We are committed to supporting students at every step of their educational journey – and that includes housing,” said Paul Vogt, College of the Rockies president. “To that end, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Happipad, a third-party service that helps students to find safe and reliable housing and provides homeowners with the opportunity to bring in extra income.”

How does Happipad work?

Basically, Happipad does ALL the work. After you register (both, host and renter, will have a background check completed before being added to the site), Happipad provides compatible homeowners for renters to choose from. It’s like a matchmaking service without the awkward first date. Once a match has been found, Happipad does the rest of the work including having legal contracts drawn up and providing you with insurance options.
It’s so easy!

Why register with Happipad?

The cost of living has risen quite substantially. By listing on Happipad, hosts can turn their extra space into added income to help compensate for this increase. At the same time, students need a place to stay while enrolled at the College and are often unable to afford the costs of renting an apartment, if they can even find one available.
It’s a win-win!

Be part of the solution

We don’t want students to face the choice between having a home to live in and pursuing their post-secondary education. Hosts can ensure this isn’t a choice students are forced to make while also having a positive impact in their communities by increasing the rental pool and providing more affordable options for fully vetted renters.

Learn more or register for Happipad at:

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