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A Visionary Solution to Housing Challenges 

Happipad and Canada HomeShare have teamed up to tackle housing challenges in Canada. This partnership unites Happipad’s innovative and technology-empowered home sharing solution with Canada HomeShare’s knowledge and experience in community home-sharing for older adults. The partnership’s mission is clear:

  • To provide older adults with a source of extra income while support aging-in-place.
  • To offer safe and affordable housing to younger people.
  • To rebuild the intergenerational connections that modern life has left behind.

Happipad started at the University of British Columbia as a project between a student and a professor. It’s grown into a leading platform for sharing homes with existing partnerships with universities, local communities and government agencies.

About Canada HomeShare

The only national, not-for-profit intergenerational home sharing program in Canada, Canada HomeShare™ is an innovative housing solution by HelpAge Canada that supports aging in place while providing safe and affordable housing solutions. Through a comprehensive online platform powered by Happipad, Canada HomeShare helps older home providers match with a post-secondary student or other senior looking to rent a spare room. To learn more, visit


Not Just a Space to Share: Supporting Welcoming Communities and Reviving Intergenerational Connections 

This partnership is our commitment to leveraging under-utilized empty bedrooms in the homes of older people for extra income. At the same time offering support for younger adults by opening up safe and affordable living spaces for students and young professionals. It’s a win-win-win: older adults benefit from additional income and companionship, while students and working professionals enjoy safe, secure and cost-effective living solutions. Most importantly, this intergenerational arrangement nurtures unique bonds formed across generations. It fosters understanding, empathy, and a sense of belonging. 

This partnership also represents a powerful movement towards building strong, age-inclusive, resilient communities. It’s an opportunity for older adults to share their wisdom and stories, for young people to gain unique perspectives, and for neighbourhoods to grow closer. We are not just sharing homes; we are knitting a fabric of support and understanding that’s vital in today’s world.

Inspiration from Personal Home-Sharing Experience

Cailan Libby, CEO and co-founder of Happipad, shares his personal connection to this cause: “This partnership resonates deeply with me. After my father’s passing, my mother found solace and companionship by sharing her home. It was transformative – for her and for those she welcomed. This is the spirit we aim to replicate across Canada – a community that extends beyond the walls of our homes.”

Dr. Raza Mirza, Director of National Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization and Lead of Canada HomeShare Program at HelpAge Canada provides his insight, “In our home-sharing program, we see the impact first-hand. Simply sharing a living space can really help older adults feel less alone. The financial support from participating in the program can make all the difference in terms of whether the older adult goes out to the movies, to a restaurant for dinner, or even having their medications refilled. It’s not just about a roof over your head; it’s about meaningful connection and a sense of belonging in your community. Young people and older adults alike find comfort and companionship in each other, improving everyone’s social wellbeing in a real, tangible way.”

Be Part of the Housing Solution

We invite you to join this transformative journey. Whether you are a senior looking to share your home and stories or a young person seeking an affordable and warm living space, you have a place in this community. Together, let’s build living spaces that are not just economical, but also filled with care, learning, and mutual respect.

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