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Hosting Guide


The Hosting Experience

Becoming a Happipad host is so much more than renting a spare room. We are a community of people who are passionate about building connections, sharing experiences, and bringing new purpose to extra space.

Aside from receiving extra income and building new social connections, you have the opportunity to empower younger generations and connect with others who share the same values. We put an emphasis on compatibility so that your home will be a fun and welcoming place where you connect with like-minded people. Hosting can be a very rewarding experience where you can help others by sharing your local knowledge, sharing a meal, or learning from the diversity of renters. Hosting is not for everyone, there are some responsibilities involved and you must be understanding of others. As a host you are not responsible for cooking, cleaning, or driving your renters. However, you are responsible for providing a warm and inviting home for your renter to feel welcome. Every shared living arrangement is different. As a host you will establish your own house rules and expectations to create the environment that you want. 

Review Areas of the Home


Many renters prefer to have their own private bathroom. If sharing a bathroom, you must provide space for your renter to store their toiletries. Renters are responsible for cleaning their private bathroom and to share responsibilities cleaning shared bathrooms. Show your renter cleaning tips and tricks if they are struggling to keep it clean. Ensure there is a plunger and toilet brush available for your renter.


We recommend providing a fully furnished bedroom for your renter with a closet or wardrobe. Unfurnished bedrooms can be provided but are often less desirable. Decor should be kept simple and neutral so that anybody will feel comfortable. Some renters may want to personalize their room with some artwork to make it feel like home Discuss bedroom decor with your renter when they move in. Remove all of your personal items from the renter’s bedroom and other private spaces. Avoid using your renter’s room or closet for storage. The mattress should be clean and comfortable. This will help your renter get a great sleep. Bedrooms must be clean, have adequate ventilation and be free of odours and mould.


Kitchen Provide space in your fridge and freezer for your renter to store their personal food items. If you do not have enough freezer space consider getting a small chest freezer. Allocate space in the pantry for renters to store their food. Many hosts will share condiments and pantry basics with their renters. Ensure your kitchen has suitable cookware and utensils. Show your renter where everything is stored and how you like to keep things organized. Explain how to use your appliances and any special cleaning procedures.

Common Spaces

Shared areas of the house should be kept clean, clutter free, and inviting for your renter. Do not leave fragile or delicate items in places where they may be damaged. Space should be allocated for your renter to store shoes, jackets, and other personal items. Renters often want their own quiet space within the home. Discuss with your renter what areas can be used for studying, socializing or watching T.V. You may also establish a schedule for quiet hours. Common areas are a great place to connect with your renter and develop an enjoyable dynamic within the home. Be open to eating and watching films together. Making your renter feel welcomed in your home will make the living arrangements more enjoyable for everyone. If sharing cleaning supplies, make sure it is kept in a central location within the home.

About the Living Arrangements

Choosing your Renter

When you post your room on Happipad, only registered Happipad renters are able to apply. When you receive applications from renters, you will be able to see how their personality compares with yours, details about their hobbies, interests, studies, work and more. You can also view their background screening report to help you feel comfortable inviting them into your home. Hosts have the freedom to choose who they want to move into their home. Happipad filters applications and presents you with your top matches for compatibility. Hosts should always choose who they feel is the best fit for their home. 

Searching for a Great Renter

Not only can you review renters’ applications received, but we’ve created an awesome way to help Hosts actively search for great renters in their area! 

Through your Host account, head to the Renter Finder page, where you can view active renters in your area, understand what they’re looking for, and invite them to apply!

Invite renters to apply using our top 6 matching criteria: Price, Location, Dates, Weekly schedule, Cleanliness, Hobbies

Meeting Your Renter 

Happipad recommends meeting your renter face to face or through a video call prior to accepting their application. During your conversation, you should review your house rules and expectations, what your typical household routine and dynamics are, what furnishings your home has, and what each person enjoys to do in their spare time. This is an opportunity to get a better idea if the renter will be the right fit for your home.


One week before moving in, you should connect with your renter to discuss the time and day they will be moving in. Hosts should have a key ready for the renter and their bedroom should be clean and ready for their arrival. Upon your renter’s arrival you should show them their room and give them a tour of your home, highlighting key points such as where the cleaning supplies are stored and where fire exits are located. After the tour, it is recommended to review house rules including policies on visitors, drinking, smoking, cleaning expectations, allergies, quiet time, and comparing weekly schedules.

Ending the Living Arrangements

All rental terms with Happipad are monthly fixed-term placements with a defined start and end date. You have the option to extend or shorten the rental term if required. The living arrangement will automatically end on the specified end date of the contract, requiring the renter to vacate the property. If you don’t feel your renter is a good fit for your home, you have the option to mutually end the living arrangement early. Ending The Living Arrangement Happipad collects security deposits from every renter when they sign a contract with a host. At the end of the contract, the deposit will be automatically returned to the renter unless the host makes a claim to Happipad for any damages at the end date of the contract.

Security Deposit 

Happipad collects security deposits from every renter when they sign a contract with a host. At the end of the contract, the deposit will be automatically returned to the renter unless the host makes a claim to Happipad for any damages at the end date of the contract. 

Signing a Contract

Generating a contract

Once you are ready to generate a contract, follow these steps:

  • Click “Generate Contract” on the applicant of your choice
  • A pop up will appear
  • Here, you can adjust price/dates if needed
  • Click “Generate Contract” again
  • Here you can review the full contract (don’t worry, you’ll have access to it later too)
  • Sign with your cursor
  • Send to your Guest

Once the Guest has signed the contract, you will hear from us directly with the final steps. Once the Guest has paid a deposit (half month’s rent), the contract is Secured.


Rent Renters pay rent through the Happipad platform. The funds are deposited directly into the host’s bank account at the beginning of each month. Extra rent charges to the renter beyond what is outlined on the living agreement are not permitted. Renters are responsible for the additional cost of any goods and services not outlined in the living arrangement agreement. Typical rent prices range from $500-$1000 per month (including utilities). This is dependent on location, size of the room, and amenities provided. Double occupancy (couples) is usually a 25% cost increase. 

Contracts and Rules 

Happipad creates a legally binding contract for every renter and host when you accept a renter application. The contract will include all the house rules, terms and expectations outlined in your room listing. Hosts are responsible for establishing their own house rules not limited to cleaning, quiet hours, use of spaces, visitor policies and more. Hosts are responsible for reviewing all house rules and expectations when a renter moves in. Hosts should be very clear and detailed when explaining. Some renters from other countries may require additional explanation.

Conflicts in the Home

Sharing a home provides many benefits but like any relationship, conflicts can occur. Establishing and enforcing clear house rules will help prevent conflicts. If a disagreement occurs, Happipad will provide you with some resources to help resolve the problem. If you need more help you can request assistance from the Happipad Dispute Support Centre. Conflicts in the Home 

Dispute Support Centre

We hope for every shared living experience to be enjoyable by both host and renter. However, if a problem arises that you are unable to deal with on your own, Happipad will provide support to help you resolve the problem. We believe in helping you maintain a happy household to prevent conflicts from escalating. Happipad Dispute Support Centre. 


Mosts strata complexes will allow you to have a renter in your home. Many age-restricted complexes (55+) will allow you to have a renter who is under 55 years of age. Check your strata bylaws and consult your strata council before accepting a renter into your home. Strata Return of reservation deposits 


Hosts are responsible for carrying home and contents insurance. Most standard policies will allow you to have a renter in your home, however you must inform your insurance

provider. Renters are responsible for their own insurance and will not be covered under the host’s policy.


More than 30 days before start: 

  • Host Cancels: Renter receives full refund
  • Renter Cancels: Renter receives refund, minus admin fee 

Less than 30 days before start:

  • Host Cancels: Renter receives full refund 
  • Renter Cancels: Deposit paid to host, minus admin fee