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Application Review Checklist

Say Hello

It’s important to communicate with your applicants within 24hr of their application. Many renters feel rushed to secure housing, and are usually sending out multiple applications at once. Just sending a quick “Hello!” and letting them know you’ll get back to them soon can make a big difference.

View Their Full Profiles

Make sure to review each renter’s full profile by clicking “View Profile” on their application. You want to make sure your schedules won’t clash, and that you’ll have some time to yourself in your home.

Contract your Favourites

The applicant does not have access to your contact information, so you’ll need to make the first move! You can contact them using the messaging feature on our platform.


Agree on a time to conduct an interview, either by video chat, phone or in-person meeting to get to know each other more before making your final decision. We have put together an interview guide to help you get prepared for the interview.

Pick your Best Fit

Go over any notes from your interviews and decide who you would love to host the most! Make sure to decline your other applications so those renters can get notified and focus on their other applications.

Send a Contract

Once you’ve found a renter that will work for you, you can go ahead and initiate a contract through your Happipad account. As soon as this happens, you’ll hear from us with the final steps!