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Renter Insurance.
Made Simple.

Happipad has Partnered with Summit Commercial Solutions Inc. to ensure you get the best rate. Summit Commercial Solutions Inc. is one of Canada’s leading insurance providers for renters. Summit Commercial Solutions Inc. aims to provide best coverage at the best price for Happipad renters. 

Through your Happipad HappiCover renter insurance program, you will receive preferred pricing and proof of insurance is delivered to the host on your behalf.

If you were previously insured through another provider, please ensure you cancel your previous policy after purchasing through the new program.

What is covered under your renter insurance package?

  • Personal Liability Coverage ($0 deductible): If a renter is found to be responsible for causing damage to the building or another person’s property (for example, if a renter accidentally started a fire in their room) or bodily injured another person, the person will respond up to pay legal expenses and compensatory damages for which they are found to be legally liable up to the limits of insurance.
  • Personal Property Coverage ($500 deductible): Each renter will be provided with coverage to protect the contents in their room and other personal belongings worn or used by the resident on- and off-premises up to the limit you select – subject to a fire, theft, or water damage with any claims to be settled on a “replacement cost” basis, i.e. without deduction for depreciation.
  • Additional Living Expenses: If as a consequence of an insured loss the renter room is unfit for occupancy or a renter has to move out of their suite while repairs are being made, the policy will pay the increased expenses, up to $4,000 or 20% of your personal property limit (whichever is greater), incurred by the renter to obtain temporary housing. If a renter has to move to a hotel for a few days while the room is being repaired, these additional costs would be covered and if required, increased food costs for restaurant meals.

Have any questions?

We’re here to support you throughout the entire hosting process by giving you proactive tips and suggestions to maintain a harmonious home environment. If you have questions you can contact us anytime.

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