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What is Shared Housing?

We hear a lot about “shared housing” but what exactly does it mean? Shared housing is a broad term with many variations but, at its core, two or more people living in one housing unit, sharing associated costs.

The concept itself is simple to understand but it can be performed many different ways.

Types of Shared Housing

This is not a complete list of every type of shared housing. This is meant to give different examples of what shared housing can look like and how it can benefit certain people. 

House Share/Roommates

The most popular form of house sharing. This is when multiple people sign a rental agreement together, sharing joint responsibility. Often, the specific responsibilities are settled between the renters themselves, but it usually has everyone paying a relatively equal amount of the rent and utilities. 

This is always a great option when you have a group of friends or people who know one another. Having three or four or more friends all find a home together, knowing they get along, can create an amazing living experience while also not draining your budget. However, there are also plenty of ways to find roommates too.

Living with roommates is becoming increasingly more popular among those in their late 20’s and 30’s (Photo via Andrea Piacquadio)

Single Room Rentals

Rising in popularity, a single room rental is when a renter pays to occupy a specific bedroom/space in someone’s home. This was previously seen as an option for younger folks, specifically university or college students, but that is changing. More and more people in their late 20’s and into their 30’s are renting rooms or living with roommates.

The single room rental has obvious benefits for both the renter and host. For the renter, they are given a far more affordable space, giving them the opportunity to work within a finite budget while still saving money. For the host, it is another form of income to help pay the ever increasing cost of living. 

That is, of course, just the financial benefits. There are plenty of social benefits to living with another person. 

If the idea of single room rentals is intriguing to you, check out Happipad. The app gives you the opportunity to match with renters or hosts based on your lifestyle while also providing support once renting.

Transitional housing

Transitional housing is a short- to medium-term accommodation that people use as a temporary solution in their life. This can be used for people who are “leaving emergency shelters or in need of housing during a life transition, including people with mental illness and addictions, single mothers and victims of violence” per 211 Ontario

There are varying models for transitional housing, but they often provide support services to those who stay there. This could be addiction services, therapy or many other services. 

Transitional housing is absolutely vital for not just individuals, but as a greater society. They offer a safe place for those struggling with the darkest days of their lives. It gives the opportunity for people who are vulnerable to work through the dark period and, eventually, thrive. 

Group Home

A group home is a single-family house that provides 24 hour support to individuals with specialized needs. These homes have support staff on at all hours to ensure the comfort and safety of those staying there. 

Most group homes specialize in a specific area. Some of these homes are dedicated to children and youth care, while others might focus on individuals with developmental or physical disabilities. 

A group home gives people both the support they need and the independence to live their lives.

Why Choose Shared Housing?

Shared housing can help you maximize your quality of life. It allows us to rely on others to ease the burden on ourselves. It could be financially, socially, emotionally. Shared housing is meant to help you live the most complete life possible. 

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