The move-out process

Moving Out Key Points

The move-out day has come. Here are seven key points to consider!

You should communicate this move-out process with your housing companion before the move-out day. It is particularly important to review what cleaning is required a few days before move-out. The last thing you want on the move-out day is to find the guest’s spaces have not been adequately cleaned.

1. Move out day

On the last day of the living arrangement, the Guest is required to vacate the property no later than 12:00 noon. Hosts may allow Guests to move out later at their sole discretion. 

2. Moving out early

Guests may vacate the property before the end date of the living arrangement agreement if they choose. Guests will not be given any discounts, refunds, or pro-rated rent as a result of moving out earlier than the end date specified in their living arrangement agreement.

3. Guest cleaning

The Guest must clean their bedroom, and all shared common spaces, including any bathrooms used by the Guest, to a reasonable standard before vacating the residence. Failure to do so may result in a cleaning fee being charged to the Guest.

Tip: Hosts should show Guests what their expectations are for cleaning, simply telling is usually not adequate.

4. Move-out inspection

The Host and Guest must complete a move-out inspection on the last day of the living arrangement or another date mutually agreed upon. Hosts will not be able to file damage claims against the security deposit or pet deposit if they do not complete a move-in and move-out inspection.

5. Security and pet deposit

Security and pet deposits will be returned to the Guest within 30 clear days after the living arrangement has ended and the Guest vacates the property. If the Guest has any unpaid rent or damages to the property, these amounts may be deducted from the deposits if permitted in your living arrangement agreement. 

6. Damage claims

Guests are liable for any damages to the property caused by themselves, their pets, or one of their visitors. Damage claims must include photos of the damages, evidence showing the repair cost, and a completed move-in/out inspection. Guests will be liable for damages greater than the security and pet deposits. Failure to conduct a move-in/out inspection or suitable evidence may result in no compensation for claimed damages.

7. Returning items

Guests must return all keys, fobs, and anything else provided by the Host. Failure to do so may result in claims against the security deposit or further legal action. If the Guest has damaged or lost any items, they will be responsible for replacing those items.

If your guest leaves items in the home after moving out, you should notify them and discuss how you want to arrange for them to pick up the items. If the items are worth less than $500, unsanitary to store, or if the cost of storing is worth more than the items, then you may be able to get rid of the items in an appropriate manner. If possible, you should make allowances to store the items for up to 30 days.

If the items are worth more than $500, you may have to store them for up to 60 days and give them a notice in accordance with the Personal Property Securities Act. If they still do not claim the items, you may be eligible to sell the items and keep the proceeds to pay for storage or other monies owed.


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