Take aways


We hope the content was valuable and will inspire you to consider trying companion housing. Companion housing on its own will not solve all of our issues. However, it is an important philosophy to adopt so we can work towards a more sustainable, resilient, and happier future.

We are entering a unique time in history as we have never seen before. With costs of living escalating, our population pyramid off-axis, and isolation at high records, now is the time for a change. This change is not just for you; it’s for friends, family, and our future generations. Today you have a unique opportunity to re-evaluate the way you live and use your home. Take charge with this new information to inspire others and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Do you have a friend or loved one that could benefit from companion housing? Consider sharing this book with them or telling them about your own experience.

A special gift for you!

The team at Happipad would love to see you try companion housing. To help remove barriers, they are offering you a $50 credit towards a companion housing arrangement of your own formed through Happipad or an affiliated partner program. To redeem this offer, take a picture of yourself with your book and send it to [email protected] with the subject: Companion Housing Book.

So many benefits!

  • Building meaningful connections and expanding your social circle
  • Extra income & writing off house expenses
  • Help around the house with chores
  • Contributing to a more affordable and sustainable future
  • Remain in your home as part of healthy ageing
  • Travel more and experience more of the world
  • Live in a larger home in your community of choice
  • Avoid or delay senior institutional housing
  • Live a healthier life
  • Eat better and exercise more

Remember! Companion housing is not a replacement for in-home care and might not be for everyone.  If you are still feeling hesitant, consider talking with friends and family about your needs and concerns.  Always feel free to reach out to the support team at Happipad or your local organization if you need help or have questions.

Final tips for success

Choosing the right companion for you

  • Show up for the interview prepared.  Feeling prepared when first meeting someone will save time and stress for both of you.  Write down your questions and answers before the meeting, and make sure to highlight your most important must-haves!  Use our printable Interview Guide for reference, available in the resource section on the Happipad website.
  • Remember to chat about conflict.  Yes, it may seem awkward when you’re first getting to know somebody, but it is key to knowing whether this living arrangement will work long-term. 
  • Don’t say yes right away.  Take some time to think about whether this will work for you! If it doesn’t feel right, you can say no.
  • Always keep an open mind. People may surprise you! There are a lot of amazing people you have not yet met.
  • Be slow to anger. People are not perfect, be slow to anger and quick to help and listen to others.
  • Continually give and receive. Sharing and living among others works best when you continually help and give to those around you. This continual reciprocal support will bring great joy.

Create structure and be prepared

  • Prepare your home and your mind.  As a Host, taking some time to make your new Guest feel welcome will make the transition into shared living smooth and stress-free.  Keep an open mind and be kind to your new housing companion.  We could all use a little kindness! 
  • Establish rules & expectations. That way, everybody is clear on what is expected, which will help prevent future conflicts.
  • Write a living arrangement agreement.  Have all the terms, rules, and expectations on paper to avoid the He-Said She-Said situation in case a conflict arises during the living arrangement.
  • Remember to communicate! Make sure to come up with a plan for when things go wrong.

Have fun!!

Life is better when you’re having fun. The social connections you form are a great way to improve your health, happiness, and sense of belonging in your community. By finding a companion, you will be helping them as much as yourself.

Be a leader

Be the person you want to be around, the example you set will attract those who appreciate the same values. You have the ability to live the life you want and inspire those around you.