Special considerations

Not a replacement for home care, nursing care, or a housekeeper

“Companion living” is just that, two people living together. If the Host of the household is at a point where they need consistent-care, Companion living is not for them. The guests are not responsible for and will not be subjected to or exploited for, “Care-aid” work. This will only be allowed if discussed as an official responsibility prior to entering the home, and the Guest is compensated for their work.  

Companion Housing is not for everybody! 

When considering sharing your space with someone, perhaps take some time to really think about whether it might work for you.  Have you shared space in a past?  Do you truly value your own space, and don’t think it would be easy to give that up?  Do you get along easily with others?  These are few things you can ask yourself when considering entering into a companion housing situation.  Remember, it’s okay if this is not the solution for you.