Personal benefits

Let’s talk about some documented benefits of adopting a companion housing lifestyle. After all, what is the point of doing something if it doesn’t provide much value? Some benefits are felt from an individual level, while others are easier to measure from a regional or national level. Some are felt immediately, while others are long-term benefits.

  • Feeling safer in my home
  • Enjoying my home more
  • Feeling happier
  • Feeling less lonely
  • Completing household chores more regularly
  • Sleeping better
  • Seeing friends more often
  • Eating better/healthier
  • Calling friends or family less often for help
  • Getting out in the community more often
  • Worrying less about money
  • Having more energy

The categories we will cover include financial, social, health, and environmental. The intent is to understand the intricate relationship between these to understand the potential widespread impact some simple changes to your lifestyle can make.

happy seniors looking for roommates

Self-reported benefits

Let’s start by looking at some self-reported benefits. From interviewing hundreds of older adults sharing their homes, the top reported benefits are outlined below. You may find it interesting that these top benefits are also some of the top fears people have about sharing a home.

Documented benefits of companion housing wordspread infographic


How important are each of these documented benefits to you?

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