Getting ready to learn



Before diving into the course content we encourage you to take a moment to clear your mind and set a personal intention of what you want to gain from this course. Starting with a clear mind and focus of what you want to achieve for yourself will help you find and extract the necessary information which is to come.

We have prepared a mind mind exercise to help you prepare for learning. You may find great value in doing this each day before engaging in this course, and even as part of your daily routine. We want your time to be well spent, impactful, and void of distractions.

Mind exercise 1

Items needed:

  • Piece of paper
  • Pen or pencil

Setting clarity

Before we begin let’s set clarity in our minds. You likely have some thoughts you cannot let go of or some stress that lingers in your mind.

Step 1: List our worries

Take your pen and paper and make a list of all the things actively on your mind that you need to do. This could be things you are worried about for work, perhaps you have an appointment later today, or the list of chores and errands you need to do. Get them all written down so you do not actively have to remember them.

Step 2: Relax the mind

Now that the worries are written down, they will be patiently waiting for us after our learning is complete today.

Let’s take 10 deep cycles of breath to relax our mind.

Fill your lungs completely with every inhale counting up to 5. Pause for a moment when you lungs are full, then exhale counting down from 5. Focus only on your breath, focus on the feelings within your body as the air travels through to your lungs.

If any thoughts of your worries come to your mind, let them go, you can come back to those thoughts later.

Step 3: Set your objective

Take a moment to ask yourself why you are here today taking this course. Perhaps you want to improve your health, be more active, improve your social connections, feel happier, or to simply find new housing.

Write down your personal objectives or goals that you hope to accomplish.

These form the foundation of why you are here, to invest in yourself and get closer to those goals.

Click on the self reflection exercise below, Preparing yourself.

Self reflection