Ending a living arrangement

Ending the living arrangement

All things eventually come to an end, including the living arrangement you share with your housing companions. The living arrangement will typically end for one of the following reasons:

End of term – You have a fixed-term living arrangement agreement, and the end date has arrived. The housing companion must then vacate the property unless they have signed a new living arrangement agreement and paid rent.

Notice giving – A written notice is delivered to provide notice of ending the living arrangement early. Notices must comply with the terms of your living arrangement agreement. A common reason to move out early is a new work or education opportunity that was not planned when moving into the home. A monetary penalty may apply if ending the term early; this must be specified in your living arrangement agreement. Written notices will typically be 21 days for shorter-term stays and 1-2 months for longer-term stays.

Mutual agreement – Typically, a living arrangement can be ended at any time if it is mutually agreed upon between the host and guest. This can occur at any time during the living arrangement and take effect immediately. Typically, this happens when there is a compatibility mismatch or other personal reasons. 

Cause – A breach of contract, non-payment of rent, or health/safety risk to the other housing companions. Move-out timelines depending on the severity of the breach and must be outlined in your living arrangement agreement.

Breaches such as non-payment of rent will typically result in a 10-day timeframe to vacate. For cause, usually, 48 hours is provided for all possessions to be removed. However, the person may be required to vacate immediately, depending on the severity of the incident. 

Note: Many people like having a shorter time allowance (such as 21 days) to end a living arrangement agreement for any reason. This makes it easier to end a living arrangement if you don’t get along with your housing companion. There are advantages and disadvantages to shorter and longer time allowances; you can discuss what works best for you and your housing companion.


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