Photo Guide

Taking great photos is the secret to attracting great Guests to apply to your home. A little preparation goes a long way, here are some tips to get you started. You must include at least 5 quality photos when creating a listing including the kitchenbedroom, bathroom, living room, and an exterior photo.

Note: Do not include your house number or personal information in your photos

1. Lighting

It is best to take photos during the day when there is lots of natural light. Open all of your window blinds to let in as much natural light as possible, avoid artificial lighting if possible. The more light the better.

Do not cover your windows. Dark rooms are unappealing to prospective Guests, instead let in as much natural light as possible.
cozy bed
Let natural light in to brighten the space. Take photos when you have peak natural light entering the room.
2. Organize your home

Before taking any photos walk around your home and clear any clutter from tables and the floor. If you have any overflowing garbage or recycling bins, empty them first. Make sure all books and other objects are neatly stacked and organized. Clear your kitchen of any dirty dishes and put away all clean dishes and cookware. Bathrooms should have all toiletry products neatly put away.

3. Prepare the bedroom

Bedrooms should have the beds made with clean pillows and linens. Pull the sheets and blankets taught so they are not wrinkled. Remove any personal items from the closets, dressers, and table/desk. The bedroom should be in move-in ready condition prior to taking photos.

Artificial vs. Natural Light

These photos were taken moments apart. The only difference was turning the light switch on and off. Most cameras will adjust to lower levels of natural light producing more colour accurate photos.

Artificial light – Don’t do this
Room appears yellow when lights are turned on. Instead try to take photos without the lights on.
Natural light – Do this
Same photo taken moments apart with lights turned off. Natural light provides a much more inviting feel and shows the true colour of the room.

Setting the Scene

You need at least 5 photos of your home, however you can include more to highlight features of your home.

1. Kitchen
2. Living room
3. Bedroom
4. Bathroom
5. Exterior
6. Extra pictures

Accepted photo formats are .jpg.png, and .gif.