Dashboard (Host)

Your dashboard contains everything you need to know about your Happipad account. Here we breakdown all the key pieces for you.

1. Listings
View the current live room listings on this page.

2. Create Listing
Use this to create a new room listing.

3. Notifications
Click the bell icon to view the most recent updates about your account.

4. Navigation Menu
In the top right Select your profile picture to open a Navigation Menu that includes:

  • Dashboard – Return to your main dashboard
  • Profile – View or edit your Host profile
  • My Account – Edit account details such as your phone number, email, and password or adjust account settings
  • Logout – Sign out of Happipad

5. Dashboard Menu

  • Applications Tab – View all your Guest applications and pending contracts. For more information check out our Applications & Generating Contracts page.
  • Contracts Tab – Review all your previously signed contracts and living arrangement agreements
  • My Rooms – View or Edit any Room listings you have and whether they are unlisted or live

6. Profile Picture – Add or Update your profile picture by selecting update