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Your host profile is an opportunity to share with potential Guests a bit about yourself and your home. This page will get you started registering as a Host, verifying your email, and setting up your profile.

Getting Started

To start, register as a Host on our portal. Review the introductory slideshow, Happipad’s Terms of Service, and fill in some basic information about yourself. Once complete you will be sent an email to verify your account.

Email Verification

Email verification ensures that you will be able to receive important updates about your Happipad account whether or not you have logged in recently. To verify your email simply click the link in the email. In case you have mistyped your email address, you may correct it and re-send the verification email.  Need more help? Check out our FAQ page and find the information about email verification.


Your Profile

At Happipad compatibility of the people living together is the key to creating a quality home-sharing arrangement. Both Hosts and Guests are asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire as part of our matching algorithm. Information provided here allows us to match you to guests/hosts so it’s important that you answer the questions honestly.

TIP 1: Each time you complete a page and proceed to the next one your progress will be saved. So take as many breaks as you need.

TIP 2: Clicking this drop-down on the top right corner will open up a selection menu, simply click on any completed section you would like to review.

Let’s take a look at the questionnaire in a bit more detail.

1. Background:  Explores your background and the importance of your roommate sharing these traits.

2. School and Employment: What is your occupation? Is it important that you share this with your roommate?

3. Lifestyle and Interests: Gathers information on what you like to do i.e., hobbies, smoking, alcohol use, noise level, etc…

4. Habits: Explores what you are like to live with, i.e., standard of cleanliness, sleeping patterns etc…

5. Personality: This personality survey will be surfaced at the bottom of each profile with five slider scales to highlight similarities and differences between potential hosts and guests.

Personality Survey
Congratulations! Your profile is all set.