Applications & Generating Contracts (Host)

So you’ve made your listing? Here’s what you can expect going forward.

Checking for applications

Step 1: Application notifications

Each time you receive a new Guest application you will receive an email notification as well as a notification under the bell icon  within your Happipad Account.

Step 2: Viewing applications

To see who’s applied, login to your Happipad account and select the Applications tab on your Dashboard. Here you will see all pending, accepted, and declined applicants you have.

Select the View profile button to review each Guest’s profile and assess your compatibility with the guest.

TIP: A good profile goes a long way towards attracting more Guest applications. Ensure your listing includes quality pictures, a description, and of course a bit about you.

Step 3: Contacting applicants

The next step is to contact potential Guests directly.  Select the Message button to reach out to Guests using our secure messaging system. 

TIP: It is recommended that you have some form of contact before you commit to any contracts.  Check out our Interview Guide to learn more on how to properly interview people

For unsuitable guests make sure to select Not interested on their applications. Guest’s can only apply to 7 places at a time so by declining you are allowing a guest to apply somewhere else more suitable.

Generating contracts

Found a suitable Guest? Great! Select the Generate Contract button to create a new living arrangement agreement draft.

Confirm the important details in the pop-up window (make sure you have your legal name entered here), then select Generate Contract. Carefully review each contract before e-signing.  By selecting Send Contract to Guest, you accept the Guest’s application and this sends a copy of the contract to the Guest.

Now it’s just a waiting game. Wait for the applicant to sign the contract and send it back. Keep an eye on your email and notification bell  to stay up to date when this has happened.

If you have any questions or would like to make any changes please contact Happipad directly and we’d be happy to assist.

TIP: Consider sending a message to your guest to notify them that you have sent them a contract.

How to generate a contract

Final steps

After your guest has signed, your guest will be receiving an email asking them to pay their damage deposit and Certn background check if they have not already done it. 

All that’s left is waiting for your new guest to move in!

TIP 1: We suggest connecting with them a week prior to arrival to arrange the final details.

TIP 2: When they arrive to take some time to sit down and review the Move-In Guide and Move-In Checklist. This will set the stage for the entire home sharing arrangement. 

Thank you for choosing Happipad. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.