Student Housing

Do you need a room to rent while you study?

Fully furnished rentals, ready for you!

Happipad provides an exciting, easy and affordable housing solution for students so you can love where you live – stress free.

Through Happipad’s Student Housing program, you’ll be able to meet compatible homeowners, share space in their home, do fun activities together, and create some amazing memories for a few months – all while living comfortably during your studies.

Happipad student housing

What is Happipad?

We provide a safe, secure, enjoyable way to access housing through a shared living experience!

Our hosts play a vital role in renting spare rooms in their homes, with terms that are flexible to the length of stay you need to complete your studies.

As students, you are expected to look after yourself in the home which includes cooking and cleaning up, while hosts provide a comfortable place for you to come back to at the end of the school day.

What we provide:

* Rental support & conflict resolution

* Lawyer drafted rental contracts

* Automatic rent payments

* Compatibility matching

* Background screening

Hosts provide:

  • Furnished bedroom
  • Access to kitchen and laundry
  • Friendly and inclusive home environment

Hosts don’t provide:

  • Food or cooking
  • Cleaning of the renter’s space
  • Transportation

How it works:

Happipad student housing program

Register in just a few steps;

  1. Complete the signup form
  2. Register as a guest on our platform
  3. Browse our room listings
  4. Submit applications to the rentals you love!

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Happipad student housing

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