We are a social purpose organization

Social Purpose

We are a team of people who believe in working towards a more sustainable and resilient way of living. We believe everyone should have a home they can afford in a community where they feel safe, welcomed, and supported. We choose to achieve this through companion housing. Uniting people together while creating new affordable housing opportunities.

Our Service

Happipad is a leader in providing companion housing solutions that help people live in a way that is more sustainable, resilient, and socially conscious. Through partnerships, technical innovation, and thought leadership, we strive to make it safer and easier for individuals to share homes with compatible people. We do this to improve affordable housing opportunities, promote social inclusion, and support healthy aging in place.

Our Commitments

Housing affordability

Companion housing is our solution to help address housing affordability challenges. By sharing real estate in a socially responsible and sustainable manner, we can create significant affordable housing opportunities from existing housing stock.

Social isolation

Social isolation affects many people young and old. We believe in helping create homes and communities where people of all ages can support one another to thrive. We promote intergenerational and multicultural connections to break through barriers. 

Aging in place

Companion housing is our effort to help create sustainable and socially responsible ways for our older population to remain in their homes and communities of choice. We believe in connecting our generations to create vibrant and fun housing opportunities.

Want to join our social mission?

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