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What is Happipad? How does it work?

Happipad is an online marketplace for renters and landlords who want to rent efficiently. Unlike traditional online listing services, Happipad guides users through the entire rental process. Renters can search for their future home and submit applications. Landlords can list their property, screen, and accept applications. Rental contracts are electronically signed to seal the deal instantly. Renting a home has never been this quick and simple.

Here’s how it works:

Create a free account on Happipad.

Your credit card information is taken for authentication purposes, there is no charge for creating and using your account.

  1. Browse properties on our beautiful map-based interface.
  2. Prepare a rental application.
  3. Electronically sign your rental application and submit to the landlord. You can submit up to 3 applications to different properties at a time.
  4. Once a landlord accepts your application, receive the signed rental contract by email and enjoy a happy tenancy!
  5. At the end of tenancy, review the property and landlord.
  1. List your property on Happipad. Set your desired move-in date, asking rent, and other rental conditions (pets, utilities, shovelling).
  2. Review and screen rental applications through your Happipad dashboard.
  3. Select the best tenant and accept their rental application by electronic signing.
  4. Receive the signed rental contract by email and enjoy a happy tenancy!
  5. At the end of tenancy review your tenant(s).

Do I have to pay to use Happipad?

Happipad is a free-to-use site.

How many applications can renters submit?

Each Happipad renter is allowed to submit up to 3 unique rental applications to different properties at a time. Once an application has been accepted by a landlord, any other applications submitted by the renter are immediately and automatically deleted.

Can there be more than one application submitted to a property?

Yes, a property can receive multiple rental applications and it is up to the landlord to select the best tenant for a property. Renters can submit custom offers for what they feel the property is worth, up to full asking rent. This prevents bidding wars and shifts the landlord’s focus to selecting the best tenant, rather than the highest rent. Once the landlord accepts an application, all other applicants for that property are notified immediately that the property has been rented.

Can a group of roommates use Happipad?

For a group of renters (over the age of 19) to rent a property on Happipad, each renter must be a registered Happipad user. When preparing the rental application, set the number of adult occupants to the number of renters that will be in the home along with each user's e-mail address. Happipad will automatically link the accounts of the other adult occupants to the application, allowing all users to sign the same application and rental agreement. Once all adult occupants have signed the rental application, it is then submitted to the landlord for review.

How do the electronic contracts work?

Happipad creates an electronic rental contract tailored for each property. It is populated with information about the renter, landlord, property, and includes the terms and conditions of the tenancy. The landlord can add any custom, additional terms to the contract when creating the property listing. The renter and landlord both review and electronically sign the rental contract. The completed contract is emailed to the renter and landlord after signing.

Are the contracts legally binding?

Yes. The rental contracts created by Happipad satisfy all requirements for a legally binding agreement.

How do reviews work?

After a rental contract has reached its maturity date, both landlord and tenant will be required to submit reviews. In the event the tenancy ends early, each user will be required to submit a review before applying to a new property or re-listing the current property. Landlords rate the tenants. This review is applied to all tenants named on the rental contract and must be completed prior to re-listing the property. Tenants rate the property and the landlord separately. These reviews must be completed prior to re-applying to a new property. All reviews must be factual and comply with the Happipad user agreement.