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3 Tips to Sharing Cleaning Responsibilities with Roommates

Keeping a house clean can be a challenge in itself, but add roommates with different schedules and it can feel like a daunting task. Here are some tips to make cleaning not feel like a chore and have your house cleaner than ever before.

Make a Schedule

1. Gather your roommates and figure out a common time and day of the week where everyone will be home. If you have dinner together then before or after dinner is usually a good time. Try to be consistent with the day of the week to clean or you may find it’s too easy to let it slip by.

To-Do List

2. Create a list of jobs to do, these can be evenly divided and rotated each week. It works best for each person to clean their personal spaces (bedroom, in-suite bathrooms), the communal spaces can be divided evenly for cleaning duties.

  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Clean communal bathrooms
  • Clean kitchen (fridge, oven, floor, wipe cupboards, organize clutter)
  • Take our garbage and recycling
  • Clean/organize communal space (put away books, shoes, stray objects)
  • Dusting and cleaning railings, tables, furniture

Team Work

3. Work together as a team, it is a lot more motivating to clean when everyone is also cleaning. You will be surprised how fast it goes when everyone works together. If you finish your tasks early, help your roommates finish their tasks. This is also a good time to move furniture and freshen the look and feel of your house.

Staying on top of the cleaning schedule is very important, it makes your home more comfortable and healthier. It also reflects on you; if you keep a clean home your friends and landlord will be impressed, building trust.

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