Companion Housing Program

Shared housing program for adults 55+ within the Central Okanagan.

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Companion Housing Program

The companion housing program is an initiative to help address housing affordability challenges in our community while increasing social interaction and community inclusion.

The program matches people with a spare room in their home with a vetted, like-minded person to rent the spare room for a fixed period of time. You are able to choose who you want to live with and full support is provided to help you with any problems which could occur during the rental term.

Options exist to live with other 55+ adults, or with post-secondary students. 

How does it work?

Home providers (hosts)

Older adults living in their own homes who would like someone to live with them can register as a Host. Hosts are able to choose who they want to live with, the length of stay, and if they would like help with chores around the home or just social companionship. After registration, a home visit and interview will be conducted to begin the matching process.

Home providers will be paid a monthly rate for every room they provide to a housing companion. If extra support is provided, this will be deducted from the monthly rate.

Renters (guests)

This program is open to all mature and responsible adults who could benefit from a companion housing arrangement. Guests will pay a fair monthly rent with an option for reduced rent in exchange for providing extra help around the home, such as cooking and cleaning. Guests will sign an agreement to move into a home for a pre-determined length of time with an option to extend the stay.


Property owners who have 3+ bedroom homes available for rent are encouraged to register. Rent will be paid automatically every month and you will not be responsible for relations between housing companions. 

Why Companion Housing?

Aging in place

Companion housing supports older adults wanting to age in place within their home and community of choice. 

Housing Affordability

Share housing costs and household expenses. Homeowners are also able to claim extra expenses as tax credits.

Social Connection

Build new social connections with people who share similar interests and values. Share meals, go shopping together, play cards, 

Interested in participating?

Would you like to participate in the program, or do you have a property you would like to rent? Complete our program interest form and we will get in touch with you.

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