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Happipad Support Centre

We have your back when things don’t work out.

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The Happipad Support Centre is here to help you navigate and resolve conflicts or problems that may occur during your homeshare arrangement. Whether it’s something small or a major issue, we are here to support you.

All hosts and renters with an active rental contract through Happipad are automatically covered by our support centre. If you need help, submit a form by clicking the Request Help button and we will reach out to you.

Our approach

At Happipad, we believe that preventing conflicts before they become big problems is the key to successful shared living. That’s why we take a proactive approach by providing regular check-ins, advice, and support to help make your shared housing arrangement enjoyable and fair for everyone involved. If any issues do arise, we work with you to resolve them quickly and effectively, before they escalate into bigger problems. Our ultimate goal is to make shared living safe and comfortable for everyone, and we’re committed to providing the support you need to achieve that.

How it works

  • How do I report a problem?

    To report a problem with your home share arrangement click the 
    “Request Help” button above and complete the form. A support agent will then reach out to you.

  • How are conflicts resolved?

    We facilitate conflict resolution between renters and hosts to negotiate a fair solution for all parties. We follow the Terms outlined in your rental agreement to decide which party has not met their obligations. If an agreement cannot be mutually agreed upon, the case will be forwarded to a third party mediator.

  • How does mediation work?

    Mediation involves a professional third party mediator to allow each party to state their case and show their evidence. The mediator will then help the parties reach a mutual agreement.

  • Learn more

    You can learn more about Happipad’s Terms of Service and policies to support home sharing here:


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