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Romantic Roommates

Sharing a home with someone can be great.   Lasting friendships may be built, but sometimes something a little more develops. Before you share a home with someone you have a romantic interest in, carefully evaluate the situation and consider these suggestions.

Are you physically attracted to the person? If so, it may not be a good match. Living with someone to whom you have emotional attachment can inhibit your ability to make logical decisions. Starting a new relationship can be stressful and awkward in itself.  Combining that with establishing a new living arrangement can lead to a volatile situation.

Even if you aren’t initially attracted to someone, keep in mind that attractions can develop over time. People are attracted to others with similar physical, behavioural and psychological characteristics. As you spend more time with someone and get to know them better, the behavioural and psychological factors play a stronger role in forming an attraction. To avoid confusion, do not allow yourself to spend too much alone time with your roommate. Invite friends over, get out of the house, and try to keep your home environment neutral.

If you have roommates of opposite sex within your home, try to establish some sort of division and structure. Allocate separate bathrooms for each roommate. Divide up communal cooking nights. Establish house rules regarding personal space and prevent awkward situations by not allowing them to happen. Make sure everyone agrees to the same rules pertaining to visitors, quiet time, and cleaning schedules.

Communication is key to ensuring your home sharing works. Be upfront and clear with everything. Guys and girls communicate differently so make no assumptions, be completely transparent. Topics such as rent payments, financial situations, and relationships can be difficult; will you be able to discuss these with an opposite sex roommate?

The awkward moments, yes these will happen. Ask yourself how you would feel if your roommate brings their new boy/girl friend over? How would you feel if your roommate brings over 5 of their friends for a movie night? Be real with the situation and ask yourself how you react to uncomfortable situations.

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