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Move-in Checklist

  • Bedroom is clean and personal items removed from closets. 
  • Linens and towels are clean and available for renter (if provided) 
  • Spare key and any access codes needed are given to renter 
  • Space allocated in kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer for renter’s food 
  • Emergency contact information is written in a central location 
  • Contact information is exchanged and a preferred method of communication is given (call, text etc.) 
  • Introduce any pets that live in the home and any guidelines for care and handling 
  • House rules and expectations explained to renter upon move in. 
  • Renter confirms they understand the rules 
  • Establish cleaning and laundry schedules/routines 
  • Dietary restrictions and allergies explained to everyone in the home 
  • Give a tour of the home and where cleaning supplies/kitchenware is located, how to use appliances, and any special cleaning or organizational requirements 
  • Complete move-in inspection with renter and document any damages 
  • Compare schedules and develop plans to work around shared use of kitchen, bathrooms and other spaces

We also created a move-in checklist form that hosts and renters can fill out and complete to make the move-in process easier.

Download Move-in Checklist