Happipad Rental Insurance

Sharing space can be challenging,
but we’re here to help!

We offer Rental Protection
for complete peace of mind during your Guest’s stay

We can cover you in a variety of situations;

  • Property damage coverage up to $10,000
  • Eviction and legal coverage against vandalism up to $10,000
  • Guaranteed rental income and automated rent collection so your rent is always paid even if your tenant is late or misses a payment

What We Provide

We help mediate disagreements and support you in the case of a necessary eviction, without you having to pay out of pocket!

You can also take advantage of background checks, and we can approve each Guest you bring into your home for insurance, even if you’re already midway through your lease contract.

All you need to sign up for the program is your Guest’s Credit Report and Proof of Income.

You’ll need to be renting for at least 6 months,
5% of the monthly rental is collected as a fee.

How it Works

Taking advantage of our Rental Protection is super simple!

  1. Sign up for a Happipad Account if you don’t already have one
  2. Fill out your Host Profile with all the details a Guest would be looking for
  3. Match with a compatible Guest and get your 6+ month contract together
  4. Select the option for Rental Protection
  5. Submit your Guest’s Credit Report and Proof of Income documents for approval
  6. Benefit from a robust rental protection plan and enjoy your Home Share!

Coverage Summary

Rent Guarantee12 months Rent OR $60,000
Vacancy Protection60 days Rent in case of lease break
Damage Protection$10,000 of malicious property damage
Eviction Legal Fees$1500 in legal fees covered
*Coverage provided by SingleKey*

We make it easy to just sit back and enjoy a great Home Share stay with your new Guest.

Join our Community of Hosts who love the peace of mind that Happipad provides!

Do you have a space to share?

Call us at 778-760-4511 or email [email protected]