Companion Housing Course


We are excited to have you join us in learning about the fast growing trend of companion housing.  This course will guide you through eight modules to develop a sound foundation to successfully adopt a companion housing lifestyle. Learn how older adults are living happier, healthier, and more socially connected lives through this course.



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Module 1 – Introduction and Background

History, how it works, types of arrangements
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Module 2 – Benefits and Limitations

Determine if companion housing is for you
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Intergenerational home sharing

Module 3 – Housing Companions

Finding and interviewing housing companions
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Module 4 – Preparing to Share a Home

How to prepare your home for housing companions
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Module 5 – How to Structure a Living Arrangement with Companions

Setting house rules and expectations
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Senior roommates cooking at home

Module 6 – How to Maintain a Healthy Home Environment

Maintaining a harmonious home environment
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Moving out packing luggage ending rental term tenancy

Module 7 – Ending the living arrangement

Ending a living arrangement and move-out process
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housing companions high five outside peer support hiking

Module 8 – Conclusion

Final remarks and resources to help you