Module 1 – Introduction and Background

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Companion Housing


by Happipad

Welcome to our companion housing online learning centre. We are passionate about companion housing and have seen many peoples lives’ transformed through it. Our mission is to help you live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life by successfully adopting companion housing as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Our goal is to ensure you are well informed and confident by the end of this course so that you will be able to make informed decisions. Throughout the course you will have the option to complete self-reflection exercises to reflect upon the content. These exercises will help you prepare for your own companion housing arrangement if you choose to do so.

After you complete each module you will be awarded Happipad credits. These can be used towards Happipad rent or services if you choose to use Happipad to secure a companion housing arrangement. 


Happipad recognized the need for an educational program that could provide guidance to the rapidly growing group of individuals interested in companion housing regardless where they live. This course is intended to help those who are trying to create a shared companion home on their own, or those who have found a sharing service in their area to use. 

This course aims to provide information and resources to help individuals overcome the common barriers and challenges of adopting companion housing into their lifestyle. Companion housing is a fast growing trend around the world and has the potential to solve many of our social and economic challenges related to housing affordability and social inclusion for many demographics.

We would like to give a special thank you to our partners who helped make this course possible. Happipad is invested in research and development of companion housing programs, this would not be possible without our partners. 


There are 8 modules to this course which can be seen in the menu. Each module contains several sections which will be marked with a green checkmark as you complete them. Your progress will be automatically saved as you progress through the course.

You can skip forward and backward at any point in the course if you need to reference information. We strongly encourage you to follow the course from start to finish to ensure you grasp the full depth of knowledge. You will likely see great value to take your own notes as your progress through the course.

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