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Seasonal Workers are On The Way!

Do you have a spare room to help house them while they work?
Happipad seasonal worker program

Meet Someone New, and Help Your Community

Seasonal Workers contribute greatly to your local economy!

Business owners rely on being able to hire these types of flexible workers to cover their busy seasons, and bring greater tourism to your community.

Through Happipad’s HomeSharing program, you’ll be able to meet them, share space in your home, swap stories, and create some amazing memories together for a few months!

What is HomeSharing?

HomeSharing with Happipad is when you (the home owner) offer space in your home as affordable accommodation for those that need it (Guests).

In this case, our Guests right now are Seasonal Workers who are looking for rental terms of 3-6 months.

These Seasonal Workers are coming to work for the companies that have employed them for the term, and enjoy the season in a new location!

Guests look after themselves in the home which includes cooking and cleaning up, while you provide a comfortable place for them to come back to at the end of the workday.

What We Provide

Happipad seasonal worker housing program
Happipad housing solutions
Happipad homeshare housing solution
Happipad homeshare housing solution

How It Works

Happipad seasonal worker housing program

Register in just a few steps;

  1. Complete the Signup Form
  2. Register as a Host on our Platform
  3. Create a Room Listing
  4. Happipad will reach out and begin matching you with compatible Guests!

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Happipad seasonal worker housing program

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