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Host Code of Conduct

In addition to the code of conduct below, Happipad hosts are responsible for upholding and abiding by municipal, provincial and federal laws, and all municipal bylaws of their area.


First and foremost, treat each other with kindness and respect

  • Foster a welcoming environment and comfort for others in the household
  • Address cleanliness and other issues early so the guest can learn specifically what is expected
  • Treat your guest(s) and their visitor(s) with dignity, free from intimidation or harassment
  • Promote your Happipad guest’s well-being and peaceful enjoyment of their space in your home 
  • Keep in mind the varying needs of the guest e.g. quieter home during exam preparation times 


Be trustworthy and create a sense of safety and security

Personal safety and security of property: 

  • Make sure all safety equipment in the home is unexpired and is in good working order
  • Do not enter the guest’s private space without the guest’s express consent, except in the event of an emergency
  • Ensure your behaviour is free of disruptive, threatening, or harmful speech, gestures, actions and/or unwanted sexual contact 
  • Ensure safe storage of firearms, weapons or any other objects that can cause alarm
  • Do not remove the guest’s property from your premises without the guest’s express permission

Fire safety:

  • Ensure adequate instruction regarding the safe use of combustible appliances and/or equipment
  • Make sure you keep all fire escape routes from the home accessible and clear of debris
  • Keep the guest(s) advised of any changes to fire safety considerations e.g. change of fire escape route, relocation of fire extinguisher


Fulfil your obligations and take responsibility for your actions

  • Honour the commitments you make to others in the household
  • Manage your own physical and mental health to mitigate negative impact(s) for others
  • Unacceptable behaviour is any behavior which is inconsistent with the principles outlined in this document 


Engage in open, honest communication and act with good character and strong principles

  • Be open and genuine in all communication with your renter(s) and/or others in the household
  • Ensure you are clear about what is okay and what is not okay with your host
  • Promptly and respectfully advise the host and/or others in the home if you feel uncomfortable about a situation in the home
  • “Say what you mean, mean what you say, and do what you say you will do.” (Barbara Coloroso)
  • Do not falsely represent the host(s) e.g. to contractors, home maintenance workers, and/or delivery persons


Cooperate with others in creating an enjoyable shared living experience

  • Learn about your renter’s hobbies and interests
  • Explore interests you may wish to share with your host and/or others in the household; for example, watching a TV show, go shopping or enjoying a shared outing, playing a board/card game, sharing cooking and/or eating a meal together