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Have Dreams of Investing in Real Estate? You Can For As Little As $1

Investing is the act of putting money towards buying assets with the goal of them increasing in value over time and providing a profit. For many, investing in real estate is the biggest investment of their lives.

For most, the first step to doing this is investing in the stock market as there is a low barrier of entry. With many stocks being under $50, it’s an easy way to grow your money. Investing creates a form of passive income that can help you achieve future financial goals including retiring earlier, saving for a future child’s education fund, and more!

For some, there is a dream to invest in real estate. However, there is a LARGE barrier to entry as this comes at the expense of owning and maintaining property. This means many people aren’t in the financial position to invest in real estate, especially younger millennials who are still paying off items like student loans. Traditionally, real estate investors will either purchase a property and rent it out to tenants, or they will renovate the property and sell it for a profit.

Now, there’s a new way to get your foot in the door on real estate investing- and it can cost as little as one dollar!
addy is a new prop-tech start-up out of Vancouver that provides an online investment platform which enables Canadians to invest in real estate for an amount that fits their budget.

How Does addly Work?

  1. addy identifies a real estate investment opportunity. Investment decisions are made collectively by
    the addy real estate team, investment committee and their Board of Directors which has a track
    record of investing in and managing real estate.
  2. addy divides the investment into equal parts. The real estate investment opportunity is broken out
    into increments valued at $1. For example, a $500K opportunity would be divided up into 500K
  3. addy sells units for $1. Units in the investment are listed for sale on their platform. Investors can
    decide how much they want to invest ranging from $1 to $1,500.

Not only are you able to select which properties you would like to invest in, but you have the peace of mind as addy shares the risk by investing alongside their members.
They also offer a selection of properties that have been pre-vetted by experts with decades of experience.
addy has no fees or commissions like you may encounter with other investing platforms. You simply pay a yearly membership of $25, and that’s it!

addy is the perfect solution for millennials who are not financially ready to purchase a full property, or anybody that doesn’t want the added commitment of maintaining a separate home.

To sign up with addy and invest in your first property today, click the link below:

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