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Companion Housing Course

Welcome to our Companion Housing Course!

We are excited to have you join us in the companion housing movement. We believe in creating a more resilient, healthier, and happier way to live. This course will guide you through eight modules to develop a sound foundation to successfully adopt a companion housing lifestyle.

At the end of each section you will have an option to complete self reflection exercises to earn Happipad points of up to $100 in value.

Module 1 – Introduction and Background

History, how it works, types of arrangements

Module 2 – Benefits and Limitations

Determine if companion housing is for you

Intergenerational home sharing

Module 3 – Housing Companions

Finding and interviewing housing companions

Module 4 – Preparing to Share a Home

How to prepare your home for housing companions

Module 5 – How to Structure a Living Arrangement with Companions

Setting house rules and expectations

Senior roommates cooking at home

Module 6 – How to Maintain a Healthy Home Environment

Maintaining a harmonious home environment

Moving out packing luggage ending rental term tenancy

Module 7 – Ending the living arrangement

Ending a living arrangement and move-out process

housing companions high five outside peer support hiking

Module 8 – Conclusion

Final remarks and resources to help you

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