Companion Housing

Supporting older adults to live in their community of choice.

85% of seniors want to age in place.

We’re on a mission to help them continue living an independent and active lifestyle.

Companion Housing Program

The companion housing program enables older Canadians to remain living independently at home as long as they wish. Participants are connected with other mature adults who have compatible lifestyles and interests to share a home and provide mutual support for one another.

Participation is available as a home provider (landlord/host) where you will rent spare rooms in your home to compatible people. Or, you can participate as a renter where you will pay a fair monthly rent to share a home with others.

How does it work?

Happipad has partnered with several senior-serving organizations across British Columbia and Alberta to realize this program. Each partner organization will provide hands-on support for participants in their community.

Participants will complete a workshop and onboarding session to learn about effective ways to share a home with housing companions. Afterwards, participants will interview one-another and choose one or more housing companions they would like to live with. Support will be provided to organize the shared living arrangements, including setting household rules and expectations. There will be regular check-ins to help maintain happy and cooperative home environments.

This program is not intended to replace home care or assisted living. All participants must be able to support their daily activities without reliance on others.

Limited spots are available for the 2021 intake, beginning in May.

Home providers (Hosts)

Rent a room in your home to a compatible person. Maintain control of your home and set your own house rules to create a happy shared home.


Do you have a 3+ bedroom home suitable for 55+ adults? Register as a home-provider to be matched with suitable groups of housing companions.

Renters (Guests)

Rent a room and build new connections with people you can enjoy spending time with. Rent for a few months or a few years for an affordable price.

Why companion housing?

85% of seniors want to age in place

According to the National Seniors Council, 85% of Canadian seniors report they want to age in place. Companion housing supports this by allowing seniors to retain their independence and freedom to live an active and healthy life. From choosing your own activities and social outings to sharing dinners and traveling. Live in your neighbourhood and community of choice with a circle of support and friendship around you.

Interested in participating?

Would you like to participate in the program, or do you have a property you would like to rent? Complete our program interest form and we will get in touch with you.