How to Furnish Your Flat on a Budget

Furnishing a flat can be intimidating when on a constrained budget. Do not be discouraged, there are many ways to transform your flat into an elegant home on a budget.

1. Decide what you need and make a list of those items. It is easy to accumulate things you don’t need especially if it is free, sometimes less is more.
2. If you are in an apartment complex find others who are moving out, chances are they don’t want to move all their stuff and will gladly sell or give some of it to you.
3. Start browsing social media pages, asking friends, family, garage sales, and classifieds for the items.
4. Decide on a theme once you start to accumulate some items, consistency is key. For example, if you find one beautiful sofa, try and find other furniture that matches.
5. Clean and paint your furniture. Did you find a nice dresser but can’t stand the colour? Go to a hardware store and get some paint, they can tint it to virtually any colour you want. A quick sand and paint and your furniture will be a great match in no time.
6. Artworks and décor can make a world of difference. These items may be completely free, browse garage sales and classifieds for interesting items that will suit your home. Try putting a nice blanket on your old sofa or chair to freshen the look. Look for paintings that match your colour scheme, black and white photos can find a place virtually anywhere.

POSTED DATE: December 14, 2016 7:01 pm

This post was written by Happipad