Happipad Spotlight on Kimberly “Super Mom”

Happipad spotlights the great tenants, landlords, and property managers who care, who nurture, who grow the communities that we enjoy.

This weeks Happipad spotlight is on Kimberly, a long-time resident of Kelowna. Kimberly is what many would refer to as a “super mom”. Not only does she do an amazing job raising her son, she is a student at UBCO and works close to full time.

What does it take to be a super mom? Kimberly starts her day at 2:00AM to gather her items for the day and drop her child off at her parents so they can drop him off at pre-school once it opens. She then drives out to Lake Country to start her work shift at a shipping depot. After her shift of up to 7 hours, she rushes over to UBCO to make her 10:00 AM class. She spends her day attending lectures, studying, and completing assignments before leaving to pick up her son before 5:30PM. Once Kimberly and her son get home, it is family time.  This can include hikes up Knox mountain, walks on the beach, play time in the dirt, and laughs until exhaustion. Then comes time to make some dinner and pack lunches for the next day.  Finally, it’s off to bed, where Kimberly get 3-5 hours of sleep before the cycle repeats, 5 days a week. She says her son is an amazing sleeper which helps with her early morning routines.

Kimberly grew up in Kelowna, an 80’s child, spending a lot of her youth exploring the city streets, parks, and forests with her friends. She was a very adventurous child, happy to explore without parental supervision.

“During my childhood there were no concerns for children to wonder around Kelowna, the city was very different back then.”

Kimberly is an advocate for community and loves her neighborhood in the North end of Kelowna. She loves how she can walk most places and take her son for daily adventures on Knox mountain. Her location is very important to the health and well-being of her family.  Many of Kimberly’s neighbors also rent their homes.  This has helped form a strong, connected community. It is common to have block parties and play games with everyone in the neighborhood, everyone feels welcomed.

Kimberly is very thankful for everything she has today. 4 years ago, Kimberly had just started a new program at UBCO when she found out she would be having her son. This changed things for her, significantly. The biggest challenge she faced was not the challenge of being a parent, but finding a home to live in. At the time, she was sharing a home with some friends, which was affordable and comfortable. However, with the arrival of the new family member, new accommodation needed to be found. The search was on, and the results were not pleasing. It had been a few years since Kimberly was active in the rental market and she quickly realized that it was next to impossible to find something affordable and in a reasonable state of repair. This was when Kimberly reached out to the Society of Hope. Thankfully, after a long process, Kimberly was able-to find a comfortable rental property in a good state of repair.

Kimberly is just one of the many amazing people in Kelowna with an uncanny motivational energy and a caring heart. Despite having the characteristics of a great tenant, she fears that if she were to lose her current home, she would be unable to live anywhere else. Recently Kimberly was researching real-estate and rental listings to see where the market is today; she was shocked by the results. What was more shocking than the escalating prices in real-estate was the price and quality of the available rental accommodations. Kimberly said that she would not feel safe in most of the rental listing she found, and the ones that would be suitable were far beyond what she could ever afford.

This raises the question, why has real-estate become an investment for people instead of being an essential service? Families are spending more than ever before just to have a home.  Is this something that’s sustainable?  What are the hidden costs of our rising property market?



POSTED DATE: September 21, 2017 7:15 pm

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