Happipad is Free! Here’s Why…

A discussion on the Happipad vision

Just today, the Happipad founders decided to make Happipad free for everyone to use.  That’s right, anyone can now use Happipad to list, search, sign, ask questions, schedule showings, and create rental contracts – all without any charge.  Happipad now stands alone as the most valuable free online rental tool out there.  To provide this level of service, free of charge, is simply unprecedented.

The decision to make Happipad free came about through much consultation and thought.  It has forced us, the people behind Happipad, to consider what Happipad is, what it is becoming, and what it could be.

When we first created Happipad, we believed that we were simply providing a more efficient vehicle to form long-term rental agreements.  Basically, we were going to build a better widget to save people time.   In the two months since Happipad became live, our user base has grown rapidly and our understanding of Happipad has changed.  It has changed through the many conversations we have had with landlords, renters, managers, and community members.  What we now realize is that the most pressing issue facing the rental community is not a need for efficiency, but rather the need to make renting more human.

An incredible opportunity lies before Happipad.   We now understand that the concept of Happipad – a safe and secure community of people who rent – is one that nearly everyone yearns for. The universality of this concept means that it has the potential to change renting not just in the Okanagan, but around the world.  Because users are the lifeblood of Happipad, it is imperative that we now grow our community.  There is no better way to do that than by inviting everyone to try Happipad out free from charge.  We, in turn, get the  immense privilege of learning from a very large number of people and stretching Happipad to its greatest potential.

The question now is: how will Happipad make money?  At the end of the day, Happipad is still a business and sustaining the human effort needed to run Happipad requires money.  We believe, however, that this money must be earned.  It will be earned by doing what all truly great businesses do.  We will go beyond expectations.  We will provide increasing levels of service so as to re-define the entire experience of renting.  As we speak, we are working on new and exciting partnerships which will give Happipad users convenient access to a wide range of rental solutions.   We will be leaders in a rental revolution.

Like many revolutions, it will take time.  Unlike many other companies, Happipad adopts a long-term view and measures success in terms of decades.  We aren’t going anywhere and we will continue to grow this community the right way.  “Greater service for more people” is our motto, and making Happipad free is a major step towards that vision.

POSTED DATE: September 19, 2017 9:57 am

This post was written by Happipad