Live Better, Declutter 

“Spark joy”.  That’s what Marie Kondo teaches as part of her KonMari method for organizing and decluttering.  That is, only keep or acquire things that spark joy.  As a renter, that concept becomes even more important, because the fact is, you never know when you may have to move – from a landlord selling his house, to the annoying tenants in the basement suite that only practice drumming at 3 am.

When you live with fewer things, it’s easier to relocate.  That’s not to say that you must live with only the bare essentials.  If you need a spiralizer, then go buy a spiralizer – just make sure it is a quality one that “sparks joy” – and therefore, makes you want to actually use it and not just toss it in the bottom of the drawer.

At times, you will move into a property and have to purchase everything new.  Buy things that are classic and will last you a long time – neutral colored couches, quality pots and pans, high thread count linens.

At the same time, you want to make the rental feel like it’s your own.  Inexpensive but trendy pillows from Homesense and artwork from Ikea help make a place feel homey and allow you to add a personal touch.

Having fewer things that are loved and personal also allows flexibility when it does come time to move.  And if you find out that the Ikea wall-hanging that fit perfectly in your upscale modern rental doesn’t work so much in your 1950’s cottage anymore, make sure you donate or sell it to keep material things to a minimum.

As for those sentimental ticket stubs and the old t-shirt that reminds you of your college youth, store these things in a box and label it as ‘sentimental do not throw away’.  Just because you won’t ever find a practical use for certain items anymore does not mean you can’t keep them.

Finally, keeping your things neat, tidy, and organized will show your landlord that you take pride in their house and your home, and one of the best ways of achieving that goal is to keep stuff to a minimum and acquire classic and quality items.


POSTED DATE: December 17, 2016 8:23 pm

This post was written by Happipad